Entrepreneurs Move to Lithuania

Technology-led countries fight for the attention of prosperous startups in order to attract them to establish their headquarters of branches in their country. Lithuania is not an exception. Since 2017 when Lithuania introduced Startup visa, 20 startups chose Lithuania as their home and the number will keep raising in the future.

Startup Visa program is coordinated by 'Startup Lithuania' - national startup ecosystem facilitator in Lithuania. The head of 'Startup Lithuania' Roberta Rudokiene says that the main purpose of the programme is to attract startups from non-European countries to Lithuania, offering them a streamlined migration procedure.

'Lithuanian startup ecosystem receives the most attention from entrepreneurs who have a favorable opinion about the existing legal and tax system for innovative business development in Lithuania. Most applications were received from Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia. But we also received applications from such countries, as Japan, South Korea or Australia – the startups of these countries have already established their successful business in Lithuania', says R. Rudokiene.

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Reported by: Delfi