Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Enraged Over Adidas' Soviet-Style Branding

The brand's new 'USSR'-branded clothing has got the Baltic country's diplomats "sick" over what they call "imperial nostalgia."

Discovering the existence of a women's mesh tank dress inspired by the 1991 jerseys warn by the Soviet soccer team on Adidas' official site, the Lithuanian foreign ministry's Stratcom Twitter account shot off an angry tweet marking its disappointment with the clothing company.

Adidas' offering of Soviet-branded clothing items includes jerseys, mash-up jerseys, and layer tees, all of them featuring the characteristic red and white Soviet color scheme, and the letters 'USSR' imprinted on the front. In Lithuania, the use of Soviet symbols is banned in public, and subject to steep fines of between 144 and 289 euros.

The German sportswear brand is immensely popular across Russia and the former Soviet Union. Soon after arriving in the country for the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics, the brand quickly gained a major following, which intensified in the 1990s after the Soviet collapse.

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Reported by: Sputnik International